GMV is a leading firm in the design, development, implementation and rollout of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) based on IoT, mobile communications and GNSS, guaranteeing compliance with sector standards such as GTFS, SIRI, NeTEx and CAN bus. GMV offers all-in, turnkey, ready-to-go solutions, getting involved in the complete development of the project and incorporating its own inhouse hardware and software along the way. We have over 400 clients in 35 countries from 4 continents.

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GMV’s SAE connects passengers’ expectations of real-time, reliable information and transport providers’ urge of forging customer loyalty and cutting costs. Increase ridership by improving the punctuality and reliability of the transportation services. Additionally, SAE’s passenger information engine generates accurate and real-time information and spreads it through the channels that passengers demand today. Return of Investment is achievable through the efficiencies and cost reduction that SAE brings to Transport Providers’ operations team. Having the right information at the time when it is needed will help making the right decisions. Interoperability is ensured as GMV is compliant with all the relevant industry standards to share information across systems, either supplied by GMV or third parties. This feature allows for SAE’s integration in multimodal environments and smart mobility initiatives.


SAE-R® meets the main needs of the railway transport operators: service planning according available resources, permanent fleet monitoring, real-time management, information to passengers (on-board and at stations) and statistical exploitation of recorded information. SAE-R® is oriented both to passenger and freight transport operation.

SAE-R® roll call of clients include national operators (freight and passenger transport) as well as operators of urban railway networks in countries such as Spain, Morocco, Poland, Taiwan or Australia.

GMV Planner

GMV Planner enables public transport companies to manage the complete lifecycle of the transit Service Planning and Operation in a continuous data flow along all the integrated modules supporting the activities that take place with different time and periodicity:

  • Long-term planning (driver’s vacation plan, timetabling & calendars, scheduling), medium-term (blocking/ run-cutting, blocks & duties roster) and short-term (corrections on daily assignments). - Support to the operation during transport service (daily dispatching and control).
  • Post-facto analysis of the effective service performance and data exploitation by corporate systems (payroll, SAP / ERP ...)
  • Planning maintenance activities for each vehicle after the work is done


GMV’s TV10 is an ultimate performance ticket validator. Architecture is modular and different sets of optionals (EMV, Printer, QR reader) are available to offer multiple configurations aiming high end and low end customers requiring different on-board approaches or integration with FMS. In its most complex configuration it can support in stand-alone the most demanding FCS requirements and even support CAD/AVL/RTPI with features and performance close to the EP200. Its HMI allows some level of customization without the need of modification of the source code. Able to reliably operate confined in closed enclosure non ventilated enclosure. Equipment have closed casing without fan.


Designed for managing the automatic selling of tickets and the sale and recharge of travel credits on smart cards. It can be used at platforms, stops and stations of any means of transport, such as buses, trains or trams. It also allows the user to check the smart card’s remaining travel credits and movements. Sending of sales and recharges operations to Control Center using Ethernet , WIFI, or Cellular communication. Management of alarms such us undue opening, lack of paper, out of service, lack of change or lack of cards. Remote control from Control Center receiving alarms, sending fare updates, downloading fare revenue data and controlling the remote activation or deactivation of the equipment. Anti-vandalism design with independent access for maintenance and money collection. Access to special functions and opening of equipment, safeguarded by contactless and security codes. Customized to suit client needs: functionality and payment methods.


VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS Through an onboard DVR unit and a set of applications and functionality, it provides a telematic solution for one or more vehicle fleets, both in and out of service.


RAILWAY VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SOLUTION DV-rec on-board video surveillance solution provides security, protection against vandalism and driver’s assistance in the daily operation. Designed for the railway market, DV-rec covers the needs in all kind of fleets, from high-speed trains to local trains or trams. DV-rec’s on-board equipment is rugged designed and fully compliant with the main railway standards.

Info Pass

INFO-pass is a combined Passenger Text-Video-Audio Information System. Based on a fully digital architecture, INFO-pass provides the features of a classic Passenger Information System enhanced with a high performance Video-Information system. INFO-pass provides the passenger with: text information on LED displays located throughout the train (front, side and interior displays), video information on monitors placed in each coach and audio information on the Public Address system of the unit. Thanks to its modular architecture, it is possible to acquire the complete Information System or any combination of the different subsystems.


Advanced service of location and management of fleets for Internet based on the technologies GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM), GSM/GPRS and supported by the platform PALVIEW. MOVILOC® offers customers an easy and intuitive tool which helps to improve the operational efficiency and management of their vehicle fleet.