Elgin is the home of one.network - one platform to plan, monitor, communicate and analyse traffic disruptions. Our vision is to help cities and highway authorities dramatically improve traffic management and intelligent mobility through innovative technology. Our cloud-hosted SaaS platform enables road authorities, utility companies and other stakeholders to share information about planned disruptions, plan and implement traffic management interventions, monitor and analyse network performance and communicate with road users in real-time through channels ranging from social media to sat-nav.

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The one.network Map is the UK’s single source of truth for information about traffic disruptions, displaying comprehensive information about current and planned roadworks, public events and traffic management interventions such as road closures and diversion routes.

User friendly and free-to-view, one.network is the one of the most visited, most comprehensive and most widely syndicated source of roadworks and traffic disruption information in the UK.

Traffic Management

Simply put, Elgin’s Traffic Management module has revolutionised the planning and communication of traffic management in the UK.

This deceptively simple tool, used by over 80 highway authorities in the UK, enables users to plan, coordinate, digitise and disseminate information about road closures, diversions and other temporary traffic interventions. It is used by the majority of highway authorities across England and has become the universal standard for communicating planned disruptions to road users and highway industry stakeholders.

Before we introduced our solution into the market road closures orders were often confined to a paper exercise, the public being notified via adverts in local newspapers. Traffic Management module enables highway authorities to communicate accurate information via a range of channels including the one.network map, social media and direct syndication to major sat-nav services

Route Monitor

One of the challenges faced by highway authorities and contractors is prioritisation of resources. Route Monitor works in the background to monitor the performance of the most important routes on the network, showing route conditions on a simple real-time dashboard and automatically generating alerts when issues occur that may require intervention.

Route Monitor can track routes spanning any roads on the network from Motorways to minor roads. Each route is monitored in real-time using TomTom’s highly accurate floating vehicle data. Key metrics including current journey time and average speed are displayed on a simple and effective dashboard, enabling the health status of the network to be checked at a glance.

Email alerts can be configured to user defined thresholds meaning that the system will work in the background and flag issues as they occur, reducing the need for teams to proactively monitor traffic. In future we envisage the data logging function will enable teams to report on traffic metrics, supporting route performance reports. This is subject to future development.

Route Monitor can communicate current journey times to drivers via its API for Variable Message Sign systems.

Network Monitor

With Network Monitor every user has the power of a traffic control centre at their fingertips.

Network Monitor sits at the heart of our Traffic Insight product suite, harnessing real-time traffic data from TomTom to provide a “map dashboard” of issues on the road network. It eliminates the noise from the one.network map, enabling users to focus on things that are causing a significant or unusual impact on traffic.

The Network Monitor map shows severe and non-typical congestion. It correlates traffic hotspots with known disruptions, highlighting issues caused by roadworks, events and incidents, enabling operators to identify the cause of congestion, mobilise response strategies and communicate live updates to road users.

Live Link

With one.network Live Link traffic authorities can send real-time road closure updates to sat-navs and consumer mapping services such as Google Maps and Apple Maps at the touch of a button, influencing driver behaviour and providing timely and accurate information to the public.

Using our one.network Live Link App (search 'TM Roadside' in App stores), operators on site or in the control room can issue an instant status update as soon as the first cone is put down and the last cone removed, communicating to all mainstream sat-nav and mapping services at a stroke.

Clash & Coordination

one.network is the UK’s highway coordination and collaboration platform. Our database is the most comprehensive resource of planned roadworks, traffic management interventions, events and unplanned incidents.

one.network is used by thousands of highways professionals every day to coordinate activities on our roads. Much of this is done visually using the one.network map. The Clash & Coordination module automates the process, sifting hundreds of thousands of data items in order to highlight potential clashes in an easy to use dashboard.

The Clash & Coordination dashboard is highly configurable, making it suitable for a wide variety of activities from streetworks coordination and bus route protection right through to the macro coordination of major projects and identifying opportunities for collaboration.

Works Planning

Our Works Planning module enables streetworks teams to rapidly risk assess works sites early in the planning process prior to visiting site, enabling better decisions to be made around scheduling, permitting and safety.

The tool supports a rapid “desktop risk assessment” of work sites in order to identify common issues affecting the viability, cost, timing and safety considerations involved in completing the job.

Works Planning brings together crucial planning datasets under one roof, including built environment such as bus stops, bridges and structures and height, weight and width restrictions; compliance information such as Section 58s, the NSG and speed limit data; proximity factors such as schools, hospitals and fire stations; all of which is underpinned by OS MasterMap ™ detailed base mapping.

Traffic Replay

Elgin is partnering with some of the most advanced technology innovators in the market to develop the next generation in traffic management planning and analysis.

During 2020 we will be announcing a new one.network module with the capability to visualise historic traffic patterns anywhere on the network, enabling planners to improve future traffic management planning decisions based on past experience.

Content Management

one.network Content Management enables utility companies and highway authorities to communicate roadworks information to the public more effectively, translate engineering jargon into plain English and harness the full power of the one.network communication platform.

The one.network website handled over 22 million self-service enquiries about roadworks by members of the public in 2018, and this number is rising each year. one.network Content Management enables utility companies and councils to harness this incredibly powerful communication channel to broadcast positive and helpful information about the essential works they undertake.


one.network publishes information about thousands of events each year, ranging from local street markets through to major sporting events such London Marathon and Tour of Britain. The Events module brings events to life, presenting traffic management details alongside information for spectators and residents in one user friendly map.

Organisers of some of the largest sporting events in the UK use the one.network Events module to communicate race routes, stage sections, facilities for participants and spectators and of course detailed road closure information which is updated live during the course of event.

Events module is usually used in conjunction with Live Link to syndicate real-time road closure updates to all major sat-nav services. All of the event information is presented on a customised version of the one.network map which can be embedded into the event website.